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This web site it all about Kaiser and the Permanente and JUNK MEDICINE -Just like when you purchase goods from a discount or junk store and it falls apart right away and you have to buy another and another replacement.  That is what Kaiser is all about.  You pay co-pays and pharmaceutical costs for clinic visits and meds that don't fix the problem but sometimes cause more problems and then draw you back for more and more because you blindly trust the little people in their little white coats, most of which are not doctors.  You get exactly what you pay for and nothing more and often you get sicker waiting around for them to actually do their job.  They are making a whole lot of money off of patients that fall for this form of insurance scam, I think  

No government can afford to
hear the complaints of the
public harmed by a company
that is primarily financed through government contract.  As with all health care scandals, when a company is caught doing something wrong, everyone involved that stood back and let it happen suddenly are pointing their fingers and blaming everyone but themselves.  The truth is that those that stand back and watch are as guilty as those committing the crime.

The media is seldom able to report specific negative matters related to Kaiser or any other HMO.  Instead what little is actually published or brought out on talk shows, etc., is generalized and drastically diluted information.  Some of the reasons are:
1   concern over being sued by a well financed HMO.  While the press would report the facts, the HMO could tie them up in                court  for decades in retaliation for doing so.

2.  concern over lost revenue from advertising paid by HMO's or other large medical entities.

3.  corporate political agendas that are wanted so badly by the directors that to promote their agendas and special interests             they will make sure that the public never hears the entire truth.

4.   strong encouragement from branches of government to promote a specific agenda and focus only on that agenda.

      4 a.  Sometimes when pushing a specific agenda they want the issues to appear so bad that the public will believe that                  there is an immediate need for a complete revamp that ultimately will reward the well financed industry in the end.

When any HMO grants a monopoly on payment for medical services exclusively to one medical group as Kaiser does, health care personnel must give priority to bureaucratic over patient needs if they want to get paid. This makes an insurance company, rather than the doctor, patient or his family, responsible for health care - and the insurance company is the one that really decides who lives and who dies. The end result is cruel. - That is how Kaiser is run. 

Kaiser openly claims that the medical care, what medications are prescribed, etc., are only the doctors decisions and not  a bean counter.  That is a half truth.  The whole truth is that a good number of the Kaiser Permanente physicians have become MBA's;  Especially those that are department chiefs.  That way technically the advertising that only the doctors are making the decisions is true.  They just forget to mention that these guys are taking off their doctor hats and putting on their accountant cloaks.

Educate yourselves.  No government agency is really there to help you if there are problems. They can't afford to do so and they just stand back letting things get worse. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls that others have had to go through in order to protect yourselves.